28-Day Flat Belly Challenge

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28-Day Flat Belly Challenge


Our 28-Day Flat Belly Challenge may be a four-week ab physical exercise that dares you to finish Associate in

Nursing intense twenty-minute physical exercise on a daily basis for twenty-eight days. There area unit four HIIT

workouts per week and 3 ab workouts. These workouts area unit meant to challenge your stamina with moves that

increase your pulse rate, furthermore as strengthen and strengthen your core in mere twenty eight days. you simply

get short 20-second rest periods, therefore you have got to be able to provides it your best. This challenge can take a

look at your endurance and cardio health and assist you build robust and steady abdominals.

Get on board with this ab physical exercise challenge and work for the six pack you’ve perpetually unreal of. The 28-

Day Flat Belly Challenge starts now!

What You’ll Need:

A mat, a athletic facility timer (Gymboss may be a unengaged to transfer app), and a collection of

sunshine to medium dumbbells (5 avoirdupois unit – ten lb)

What to Do:

day by day, you’ll have 5 moves appointed. Perform every move for forty seconds, then rest for twenty.

Complete all moves and repeat for a complete of 4 rounds.

To avoid injury, it’s vital to perform the moves with correct kind, landing softly on your joints and not straining

yourself to the purpose of pain. At the tip of this text, we’ve enclosed videos on a way to properly perform every move

during this challenge. Watch them before starting and consult them or raise a trainer if you have got any doubts.

WEEKS one & 2:
Sunday – Burpees, Alternating Reverse Lunges, Jump Squats, Walking Lunges
Monday – Ab Bikes, Toe Touches, Leg Lifts, Hip Dips
Tuesday – Mountain Climbers, Squat to Shoulder Press, Push-Ups, Walking Lunges
Wednesday – Ab Bikes, Toe Touches, Leg Lifts, Hip Dips

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